Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Give Me 1 Good Reason To Do This?

Because you OWN the testimonials and control the distribution. Currently, all of your reviews are on someone else’s website and platform. With you'll have full control.

How does TestimonialsNow differ from taking a video on my phone?

Videos taken inside the TestimonialsNow app are easily uploaded to your multiple linked social media accounts via a content creation wizard. You manage all of your social media video content from a single app without mixing your business content with personal photos or videos.

Can I download and access the app today?

The TestimonialsNow app is available in the App Store on iOS and in GooglePlay on Android. To purchase a subscription to the app, please see our Pricing page. 

Should I Incentivize My Clients?

You can. After they upload their testimonial the app can automatically text them a thank you message with a coupon, discount or offer. The app will not create track the specific coupon codes. Please see our sister app, SocialPostPro, for rewards management. 

How Do I Get Testimonials On My Website?

Our team will take care of everything, or you can do it yourself with our 1 line embed code. Either way is fine with us. You’ll have multiple display, page, and rotation options available.

How Long Are The Testimonials?

Most will probably be in the 20-90 second range. Some go longer, some shorter. Your customers determine the video length.

What Else Can I Do With The Testimonials?

Share them to more platforms, add your testimonial URL in your email signature line, create compilation testimonial videos, and much more. We are happy to provide recommendations for when and how to leverage your video content. 

Do You Offer A Referral Program?

Yes. Once you’re a client, you’ll be able to refer your friends and get rewarded for it. Or, join our Licensee program and manage your own set of customers. 

Where Do You Store My Testimonials?

You’ll have your own TestimonialsNow dashboard in the App where all of your testimonials will be stored for easy access and sharing.

How Does The Outreach Work?

You can reach out to your clients via text or email directly from the App's outbound campaign feature. 

Become a Licensee

Resell access to the TestimonialsNow App. Whether you're an existing business looking for easier social media tools or someone who needs income on the side, our licensee program is for you.

Go to Licensee Website 

Use TestimonialsNow

TestimonialsNow is the premier platform for capturing and sharing testimonial videos from your satisfied customers. Our intuitive platform manages your testimonial videos and seamlessly promotes them to your social media accounts.

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